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WASTED WEDNESDAY featuring Diamond Duck

Wasted Wednesday at Franks Wild Years 6th May 2018


On the 9th of May, Hidden Harvest and Franks Wild Years Record Store & Bar will be teaming up for a community dinner created from locally sourced food that would have otherwise been wasted.

The vegetarian feast aims to spark conversation around the issue of food waste and bring attention to creative solutions for using up edible surplus that often ends up in the bin.

The evening will be set to the tune of Diamond Duck, the Sydney duo will be entertaining guests with their folk harmonies and unique songwriting talents. The band will be launching their debut EP on the first stop of their East Coast tour.

Amy Fairall, employee at Franks Wild Years, is excited at the opportunity to initiate a discussion around food waste in a relaxed and friendly setting.

“Transforming our food system begins at the dinner table. As we dine in style with good music and good friends, we bring the same respect to our food as we do to all artistry,” Ms Fairall said.

“The event is fundamental part of our core movement to provide food experiences that spark #MoreTasteLessWaste attitudes,” founder of Illawarra based group Hidden Harvest, Berbel Franse said.

“Our not-for-profit organisation aims to up-skill the community by giving them the tools and forks to tackle food waste and shape a sustainable food future”, Ms Franse said.

The evening will be run on a “pay as you feel” system, providing the opportunity for guests to directly support the food waste revolution.

“It will be a wonderful opportunity for members of the community to enjoy local produce, all whilst starting a conversation about food waste and reconnecting with the source of our food,” said Hidden Harvest volunteer Susie Alderman.

“We hope that through events such as this we can raise awareness about the amount of perfectly good food that gets wasted, and empower individuals to make positive changes to their food habits,” Ms Alderman said.

Seats are limited for the evening and bookings are essential. At the conclusion of dinner at 8:30pm, doors will be opened for the public to enjoy some music, drinks and conversation.

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