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Peter Black (Hard Ons) and Lax Charisma

Better kown as "Blackie", Peter Back has been at the forefront of Australian punk since he was in his teens. That was a long time ago. But this guy is one of those hardcore troubadours, where the road is his home and the stage his playground.

When he's not out front of the frantic Hard Ons or frenetic Nunchukka Superfly. Black is at home writing trippy pop songs on his acoustic guitar. When he gets restless he hits up all the small venues for a gig and a fruit juice.

This time, Black is telling everyone he has a new record out on Tym Guitars and he'll play some songs from it.

Joining him will be local legend Lax Charisma who you might have seen playing in The Nice Folk. He's the one with questionable fashion sense. Oh wait... that's all of them. Anyway... you probably know him. 

Also... it's Father's Day so tell your kids to take ya.