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Spike Vincent & The Pleasure Coast, Tim & The Boys

SPIKE VINCENT plays, with band in tow, an Australian-tinged brand of pop-rock, offering a strong dose of gritty guitar hooks, driving drums and a tinge of 80s-inspired synth. Local backing band THE PLEASURE COAST join Spike for a little farewell show as Spike moves to Melb.

With a mission to subvert and confuse, TIM & THE BOYS are one of the new crop of bands from the well-spring of Sydney, Australia. Through childish jokes and pointed commentary, they search for the grotesque in pop culture (in Spice Girls, in Cat Stevens, in Anastacia, in Gary Glitter) and re-fashion it through a distorted lens.

Like Devo without the costumes, Country Teasers without the hate speech, Big Black without the whiny gear nerd at the front, and Black Randy without the repulsive back story, Tim & The Boys toy with form, style and structure to deliver a tracks that refuses to be pigeonholed.Sunday arvo show. 3pm, entry by donation.