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Obscura Hail / Bonniesongs / jack r. Reilly

Obscura Hail is the nightly routine of song writing with hast, driven by an irrational fear of memory loss, and enabled by access to a plethora of ad-hoc recording equipment. The somewhat serious themes of ontology, existentialism, love and loss are framed with sincerity by the lush, but gentle classical guitar work, and the motif of almost whispered, though richly layered vocal harmonies, giving his extensive backlog a kind of naïve optimism for the individual experience. 

Conceived on NSW’s south coast in 2006, and now buried alive somewhere in Northcote, Sean is sneaking into Melbourne’s intimate spaces and filling strangers with relative truths. A commitment to the craft has culminated in numerous independent releases, some official via Sydney based label, No Safe Place records, and consistently fresh compositions, drip fed weekly via Patreon, nearing its 140th volume. The latest 3 records, ‘Loose Tooth’ (2017), ‘ALARM’ (2017), and 'Pizza' (2018) were self-produced and warmly received, with more diverse live instrumentation to reflect the ever thickening arrangement and prepare for the material in stasis; ‘Pallbearer’ (album). 

(Obscura Hail) has the same brittle beauty as Sun Kil Moon, the oddball, throwback quality of The Beatles at their folkiest, and when it’s appropriate, the raw pain of Elliot Smith. Obscura Hail, to me, is endlessly absorbing – (Chris Cobcroft, 4ZZZ).